Resources for Mentors & Coordinators

pdf A Few Scriptures For Servants in the Church

Some Scriptures to reflect upon for serving

pdf Brief Studies for Mentors

faithful in what is least.. “do you love Me? Feed My lambs”.. made free from sin, and become servants to God.. bodies a living sacrifice.. ready in season and out of season

pdf Christian Couples: Let us Search Our Hearts

Instructions for husbands and wives and questions for self-examination

pdf Commitment of Mentors

Being a role model.. commitment Scriptures for Project Timothy mentors.. Expectations of mentors..

pdf Commitment Scriptures for Project Timothy Mentors

Every mentor & coordinator is requested to commit himself to the following scriptures for being an example to the children. Please review as many of these scriptures as possible for diligent self-examination on a regular schedule, preferably with ano

pdf Equipping Mentors of Children and Youth

Equipping Mentors of Children and Youth (also for servants in the church)

pdf Equipping the Mentors and All Servants

Lessons for those who mentor children one-on-one. Mentors are to be role models for the children they mentor.

pdf Expectations of Mentors

Expectations of Mentors

pdf Help for Individual Shepherding in the Church

Help for Individual Shepherding (Mentoring) in the Church (For those who voluntarily desire pastoral care and mutual commitment; age 12 and over. 1 Pet. 5:1-6; Acts 20:28-31)

pdf Living an Examined Life

Lord, Are You Pleased With Me? Lord, Is My Heart in a Humble State? "O Lord, Correct Me." "Behold, happy is the man whom God corrects" Serving God in Small Things; Repenting For Small Sins. Help for Individual Shepherding (Mentoring) in the Church..

pdf Living Behind the Veil or Before the Veil

Living in the Outer Court (forgiveness of sin through sacrifice). Living in the Holy Place (priestly ministry). Living in the Holiest, behind the veil (our will united entirely with the Lord's will).

pdf Mentoring Older Children

In mentoring children and youth, we (a)Hold forth Christ's example,(b) Teach the love of God and the knowledge of God, and (c)Impart training for godly living.

pdf My Brother's Keeper

Are you willing to be Accountable to a ‘Brother’s Keeper’? To find a brother's keeper and to be a brother's keeper..

pdf Preparing to Minister the Word Prophetically

Preparing to Minister the Word Prophetically. Isa. 61:1 (how Jesus ministered); 1 Cor. 12:7 – 11, 14; 14:1 - 31 (how we may minister)

pdf Project Timothy Memory Verses

A list of over 600 verses possible for children to memorize while being mentored.

pdf Project Timothy Memory Verses

A list of over 600 verses possible for children to memorize while being mentored.

pdf Questions for Project Timothy Students

Questions for Project Timothy students. Priorities for the mentor and parents

pdf Quotes to Cherish

Selected quotes from ancient to modern times . Wisdom of the ages in a nutshell.

pdf Servants of the One Who Was the Servant of All

We Are the Servants of the One Who Was the Servant of All. John 13:1-17 2 Timothy 2 and 1 Corinthians 9.

pdf Serving in the Church

We Are the Servants of The One Who Was the Servant of All

pdf Three Main Scripture Passages for Couples

Three Main Scripture Passages for Couples: A Devotional Study. Ephians 5:22-33, 1 Peter 3:1-7 & Genesis 2:21-24.

pdf Training for Serving Others as Christ Served

10 lessons in Training for Serving others as Christ Served

pdf Training to be Servants at Home and in the Church

Being a Servant Leader at Home. Being a Servant Leader in the Church.

pdf Veil & Head Covering

Most Christian women today do not wear head covering while praying, but most of their sisters in the first century did. What shall we say to ourselves today?

pdf Wisdom for Use of Time

How John Wesley Valued His Time (Francis Gerald Ensley). “The Time is Short!” (R.A. Torrey). On the Right Employment Of Time (Fenelon)

 Proj Timothy Lessons for Children - Age 12 and younger

pdf Following Christ: Simple, Sure Steps for Disciples

Following Christ: Simple, Sure Steps for Disciples

pdf Humility in Prayer

Lesson from two parables in Luke 18 regarding prayer

pdf Lessons from the Sermon on the Mount

15 Lessons On The Sermon on the Mount

pdf One Day of My Life: Serving God One Day (Today)

Learning to Think Pure Thoughts, to Speak Pure Words and to do Pure Deeds

pdf Our Father, The Heart of Bible Revelation

In Jesus' lesson on prayer, the opening words of the prayer were: “Our Father.” “Father” binds us to God, and signifies the fulfillment of our relationship to Him...

pdf Our Father, the Heart of Revelation

Visual for lessons on the "Our Father"

pdf Scriptures for Boys

A Few Scriptures for Boys 12 and Older

pdf The Fear of God

Godly fear is reverence for God, inclusive of love for God. Examples from the Old and New Testaments of those who feared God.

pdf Three Foundatios Lessons

Sin, the Promise of a Savior and Knowing and Loving God

 Proj Timothy Lessons for Children - Ages 12 - 14

pdf As You Prepare for Baptism

Verses to review in preparation for baptism

pdf Coming To Christ to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit

The greatness Lord Jesus Christ and the wonderful privilege of being baptized in the Holy Spirit by Him

pdf Discipleship: Post - Baptismal Instructions

12 post-baptism lessons for life application

pdf Discipleship: Pre-Baptismal Instructions

Three pre-baptismal lessons and life application

pdf Experiencing Love & Unity in the Body of Christ

Being knit together takes place as a continuing experience. We are all made to drink of one Sprit... Serving one another and God’s Eternal Purpose Concerning This Unity...

pdf Knowing Christ in His Meekness and Lowliness

Christ humbled Himself as a man and became obedient. It was the initial step of humbling Himself that made all other steps possible. We are exhorted to have the same mind as Christ’s – the same humility and lowliness.

pdf New Birth: Spiritual Birth into God’s Kingdom

As natural life comes forth from a seed, eternal life arises from the Word of God sown in our heart.

pdf Notes of Some Important Words Related to Salvation

How Sin was Dealt with and its Power Destroyed by Christ, How sin was dealt with and Atoned for by Christ, The spirit, soul and body. The New Man. The Natural and Spiritual Man..

pdf Spirit-filled Life

Lesson on the Spirit-filled Life with visuals

pdf Ten Commandments and The New Commandment

Five lessons on the Ten Commandments and Christ's new commandment

pdf The Lord’s Table

Remembering the Lord and Showing the Lord’s Death at the Lord's table. The first communion and practices by the early church. Experiencing the Reality of the Body of Christ in the Church.

 Proj Timothy Lessons for Children - Ages 14 and older

pdf 16 Things About Love in Operation

A list of aspects of love from I Corinthians 13:4-8

pdf Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Gifts of Spirit

Coming To Jesus Christ to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit. Nine Exhortations From Apostle Paul

pdf Being faithful in Small Things, Especially Money

Proper attitudes towards money and other "small things" are a prequisite to being intrusted with "the true riches".

pdf Equipping Mentors of Children and Youth

Mentors and Coordinators are requested to study this.

pdf Five First Principles for Christian Workers

Listening to God’s voice, humbling ourselves, learning obedience, receiving the blessing of the God's correction and being faithful in small things are basic principles for serving the Lord.

pdf Five Lessons for Daily Living

God's Word in morning devotion, offering oneself as a sacrifice, giving to God, being a brother's keeper and accountable, and seven 'rules' for daily living...

pdf Five Short Studies on Worship, Prayer and Fasting

Abraham's prayer. Abraham's worship.Praying and worshiping in the Spirit. Jesus' instructions on prayer. Fasting...

pdf Following Christ

Identification with Christ on the cross, Gal.2: 20

pdf For The Christian Worker: Diligence

Gleanings from Watchman Nee's The Normal Christian Worker

pdf How Jesus Simplified the Way to Perfection

How Jesus Simplified and Summarized the Way to Perfection. Forgiving love is the seed of perfection. Matthew 5:44-48

pdf How to Read, Study and Share the Word

How to Read and Study the Bible, and Share the Word of God

pdf Meaning of "Last Days": Review of Past & Future

Are We Living In The Last Phase of the Last Days? The certainty of Christ's return and pattern for End-Time prayer...

pdf Paul's Exhortations for Timothy

Paul’s personal exhortations for Timothy in 2 Timothy

pdf Romans 6, 7 & 8

Studies of Romans 6, 7 & 8, with quotes from early church fathers and others

pdf Romans 9, 10 & 11

Blindness of Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in. Some verses that may help us understand – and see the limits of our ability to understand - Predestination, Election, Sovereignty of God and Freedom of human will.

pdf Speak Evil of No One

“To Speak Evil of No One” This discipline in the fear of God will bring great peace of mind and happiness of heart. (Titus 3:2)

pdf Studies On Prayer and Worship

Five studies on prayer, worship and fasting

pdf The Blessing on Those who Pray for Others

Notes on intercessory prayer from William Law's book, "A Serious Call"

pdf The Marriage Covenant

Marriage: a Covenant, not Modifiable Contract. Covenant of God: God, Husband, Wife

pdf The New and Living Way

Christ consecrated the New and Living Way for us (Heb.10:19-22), with visual

pdf Time and Eternity

Time and Eternity: God’s Plans and Purposes A Brief Study of Ages (Eph.2:7) and Dispensations (Eph.3:2)

pdf When We Are Sick or Afflicted: Let us Pray

God is Calling us to Pray and to Learn His Word. How we May Use the Word in Praying For Healing. Use of Means in Healing: Faith or Unbelief?

pdf When We Repent

When We Repent, We Are Experiencing God’s Goodness (Rom. 2:4). Repentance for the Sinner and the Saint. If we do not repent, we are under God’s judgment (Luke 13:3). The Blessing of the Lord’s Correction. Some thoughts of John Wesley on repenta

pdf Wisdom to Build on the Rock

Wisdom to Build on the Rock: Meditations on The Sermon on the Mount

 Proj Timothy Visuals

pdf Holiness of Heart (visual)

Holiness of Heart (visual) Hebrews 5:8, 10:9-14, Lev. 11:44,45 & Eph. 1:4

pdf Marriage Covenant (visual)

Marriage Covenant: Covenant of God, Covenant of Love (visual)

pdf Perfect Heart and Walk Being Corrected (visual)

A perfect heart is a believing heart sincerely committed to God’s will at all times and in all situations (visual)

pdf Rejoice, Pray and Give Thanks (visual)

God’s Will Concerning Us (visual)

pdf Repentance for the Sinner and the Believer visual

Repentance for the Sinner and the Believer (visual)

pdf Spirit-filled Life (visual)

Five drawings with Scriptures to describe the Spirit-filled life (visuals)

pdf Ways to Love & Serve Your Spouse

List of 29 items to love and serve your spouse in daily life beginning with the first item: Kindness and Gentleness: Be always kind and gentle to each other.


pdf Description of Project Timothy

Describes a three year program for mentoring children, youth and new converts in a life of prayer and obedience to God's Word. This is primarily one-on-one mentoring.

pdf Project Timothy at a Glance

One-on-one mentoring of children described in brief. Describes mentoring of a child by a mentor (role model) as Timothy's mother mentored Timothy.

pdf Project Timothy Memory Verses

A list of over 600 verses possible for children to memorize while being mentored.